August 12, 2014 Jackie Montoya 0Comment

Usually when I stay at home, I make my own food or drinks.

In the Philippines, this summer is the hottest so far, that is why I, myself opted for something to relieve the heat, quench the thirst and beat the hot summer air.

Hence, I made myself an Oreo or Cookies and Cream milkshake and gladly sharing to you what I did, so you can make your own.

Here’s what you need:

1. Milk Ice Candy – but if you don’t have it–cause I just made it up, just use ice + milk (powedered/ready-to-drink. That’s it!

2. A Sundae Glass or any glass will do.


Oops I forgot the most important..
4. The Blender/Shaker of course!

*Sugar is optional. I don’t put on mine cause I have high sugar tolerance.

How to:
1. Prepare your blender.
2. Put the Oreos depends on how many you want but I put 3 pieces for a glass.
3. Pour in the milk+ice or in my case the crushed milk ice candy.
4. Put the lid of the blender then turn it on until it achieve its right consistency. Not so watery or runny.
5. Enjoy the cold drink! yay!

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