April 15, 2016 Jackie Montoya 0Comment

Hola! Life lately was too hectic, running around preparing documents and finding important docs while getting yourself become mentally prepared for something that I still cannot share with you guys right now–soon. 🙂

I’ve been pre-occupied and stressed so this is where Kitchenails enter the scene (you ain’t ready for that ain’t you?) haha. It is a really unique and cute concept where they used kitchen utensils for pampering the body and nails hence the name, Kitchenails.


Since I’ve missed an appointment for the Manicure and Pedicure last month they were too nice to let me avail it still with a Foot Spa for this month. Yey! This was officially my second time here at Kitchenails won’t be detailing anymore but if want check my first experience here.


Another nice feeling in the world is have this relaxing moment while chitchatting with a friend. Say hi to Sam aka Tabby. hahaha *peace* That make my advance birthday gift for you 🙂


We were both assisted by the nice staff on choosing the scrub, mask, oil and the kind of massage we would prefer. It was kinda like DIY-ing your foot spa experience which make it extra personalize. And I love DIY-ing stuff because it makes me feel special and the “boss”.
Soaking my feet in a warm soapy water –getting started!
And now it’s “Baking”.. yep I’ve got my feet baked.
After selecting for a polish for hands and feet we then proceed to my favorite part, me seating and watching as the nail server do the magic in a very very relaxing foot spa I almost fall asleep.
Look how happy my feet are wearing a black Matte nail polish!
I must note that I love visiting this nail salon because as soon as you push that glass door a cotton candy-ish and fruity smell will greet you.

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