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Finally! I’ve been eyeing this restaurant since it has opened here in Manila, particularly in SM Aura.

Thankfully Aldous, the mastermind of #TeamAldous, invited me to his birthday bash (or should I say #DousDay) slash blogger event.

Very dim lighted place perfect for exclusive dates and special family occasions.

Look at those pasta variety freshly made and vibrantly colorful. *insert heart-eyed emoji*

Coming late with Louisse, my dear blogger friend, traversing with time on looking for perfect gift and being stuck in traffic in BGC because apparently the balloon letters we have in mind are unavailable good thing we found nice block letters from Papemelroti after a thousand years. Chos!

The Birthday Boy! Look how happy he was with our gift 😀 Just looks perfect! haha apir Louisse!

Arrived dizzy but happy so come on let’s start diggin’!

I am always hesitant to try raw foods but well, #bloggerduties and #foodiecalls I sampled this Tuna Tartare (P280) and surprised that it doesn’t taste fishy (malansa) infairness.

Next up was Miso Glazed Salmon (P510) pan crisp salmon on a miso glaze accompanied by salsa verde & arugula salad. This was superb crisp skin and well seasoned, I didn’t know I would really enjoy this miso thingy.

The Brooklyn Style Meatball Pasta (P330) one thing that Todd English was known for was their fresh variety of pasta and this one was served with meatballs.

Agnolotti Veal (P590) was everyone’s favorite! Creamy and dreamy and would definitely love to put on to my comfort foods.

Wagyu Fried Rice (P450) not just a rice for it can stand alone as a meal with the tender wagyu slices. Yum!

Clam and Mussels Risotto (Php 350.00) the marriage of risotto and seafood was beautiful.

The Steak N’ Marrow (Php 590.00) is a US Hanger Steak with roasted bone marrow always love this couple. succulent and flavorful marrow.

Lamb Chops (P910) Lovely rack of lamb grilled to perfection served with pea orzo, yogurt sauce and risotto with mint sauce made the chops a stand out.

T.E. Pork Chop (P440), did you know that this thick tender piece was brined 48 hours with a demi-glazed sauce and potatoes. Good for a goup of 3-4 person.

Truflfe Fungi Flatbread (P700) was my personal choice and it doesn’t disappoint; the mixed mushrooms was greatfully accented with truffle vinaigrette.

Now, I guess the night was not complete without the desserts. Yes DESSERTS!

The Bomb (P420) was the really the bomb! Making everyone oooh-ing and giddy to get get a spoon and taste.

Another hit was their famous OMG Cake (P420) it was reasonable naming this an OMG cake cake after all different chocolatey layers and textures were present. Just look at that it’s just OMG!

Betty White (P420)
I am curious with the name as the whole thing; if you are a vanilla lover this one’s for you topping with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel syrup.

And of course the blogger’s groufie! #Dousday Such a blast!

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