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It’s definitely a rainy season here in Thailand and what to do? What to do? Curl up in your pajamas and take a day off because the weather calls for more hangouts in bed. Rather, get up and put on your rain gear and umbrella and brave to fill your cold self with a warm bowl of one of the dishes you can easily found here in Thailand –Suratthani to be specific– which is a plain good ol’ comforting bowl of congee.

It was just walking distance from my place in Donnok its a small eatery type place and it’s late but you can see that there are patrons dining there so this must be something. When ordering, you can either have it plain or with your choice of toppings just ask the vendor (which I heard is from Myanmar oh how they already adapted the thai cuisine). But wait, you MUST order a plate of this freshly fried cross x-shaped donut comes with a dip of sweet condensed milk.
But wait AGAIN there’s really something interesting that I’ve discovered about this combination. I found out that it really works well when the donut is dipped or broken into pieces and just put on top of the congee and wait till it absorb all the flavourful goodness of the soup that it can get, and the fun part is scooping it and oh well just take a mouthful. Now, feel the burst inside your mouth? Oh that’s gastronomic indeed. I’m literally drooling while I’m writing this post.😲

Location: you can find it mostly in the streets and it opens late and closes midnight I think. But here in Surat its found in donnok near My Cup Cafe. (Forgive me I will soon find its exact place😉)

PS. I miss blogging and so are you! See yah in the next post! Sorry I’ve been busy but soon when I get a laptop I didn’t bring mine left it in the Philippines.

See yah in the next post!👊🏼

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