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One of the food hubs that got me so giddy to visit was this quaint gelato shop that uses this chemical technique called liquid nitrogen to whip up their tubs of gelato and one of those is OUTRÉ. Don’t just get drooly yet we are just starting. 😁

Today, more and more businesses are getting known or adapting the “liquid nitrogen” formula to get creative and be unique or let’s say innovative in a way that it gets the customers attention through using some uncommon way of making food well that’s on a marketing point of view.

Liquid Nitrogen is a cryogenic fluid that can cause rapid freezing on contact with living tissue according to Wikipedia. By the way if you are wondering, like me, if liquid nitrogen is the same with dry ice well, definitely its not according to my research (wow naman). Liquid Nitrogen as the name itself describes is a liquidized form of nitrogen gas cooled and pressurized hence, become liquid. On the other hand Dry Ice is a solidified form of carbon dioxide that has also undergone a phase of transition from gas to solid.

So now we know the difference let’s continue drooling..


This gelato place was still new when we have tried it (yes this is a backlog post please forgive me). It was tucked in the food street hub in the South, in BF which was popularly known now as Aguirre Avenue.




We checked out the place because it was nearest our house in Bacoor, Cavite compared to other liquid nitrogen ice cream shops in the metro. It was nice and fully colored room accompanied by the sweet smelling concoction that you’ll gonna run into the counter and devour. And oh look, for a second I thought I was in Big Brother’s house haha.. wait till you get inside.




This ice cream shop was a quaint and good vibes kinda thing that when you are on the downside just come here and head on the counter to choose which mix of flavors lures you into dreamland of sweet, creamy, colorfully textured experience. Aside from the gelato they also had a lot of food in store and when I would like to try.



 They used electric mixer and of course liquid nitrogen to create their gelatos hmmm, bright idea.




Lines are getting longer after we had placed our order thank God it’s after.



When your name was called go directly to the graffiti chalk wall for pictorial purposes 😀



Okay so let’s get scoopin’ this sweet thang! Let’s start with the Milo Dinosaur (P160) which is the popular (#peymus) flavor they had, it comes with a milo syrup loaded syringe which makes it a lot more exciting and cool. Topped with Milo powder is well a childhood favorite drink that became a gelato, well there’s not too much in it I guess just your childhood memoirs (including the syringe #injection). We also tried the Cookie Monster (P150), the colorful one with a blue base which is so eye catching. I’m surprised that I actually liked it because I can taste the cookie in the gelato mixed in it and the texture was nice and sandy maybe because of the cookie tidbits. And lastly, Bye, Felicia (P150) its a pink velvet topped with spot on cream cheese frosting and dessicated coconuts. I liked it because of the contrast of flavor that it has. I’ll choose it over a cupcake really.



Me and my girl sisters enjoyed the Outre experience! And look at that smokey effect niiiiiice!Till the next #jackieats!


Outré Manila
Unit A, JJAC Building, 169 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City

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