October 14, 2016 Jackie Montoya 0Comment
Foremost, I would like to say hello to everyone who has kept in touch and kept visiting this site! You don’t know how thankful I am. Also, I want to apologize for being on hiatus the past months. I guess you all deserve to know what had been going on. So yeah here it goes..
I had already told you from my previous blog post that I was in Thailand, well yes, I’m still here. I stayed here for a while for work (rumaket ang lola, haha). Most of you would be asking what did I do? What work did I do? Well, let’s just say, something that involves me teaching english and math (yes, math).
Of course, I’ve come here without my gogo-gadget laptop. So it has been hard for me to make a blog post. But then I sneaked one or two posts that I managed to create using the company’s computer.
Days had been busy, paperworks cosumed my desk as well as my day. In short I haven’t got time and inspiration to create posts so I’m apologizing for everyone.
To date my site has on going construction, layouting, and planning on buying a domain. Yes because I need to have my own proper website. I guess it would make anything official, not to mention professional.
Now, I’m gearing towards the comeback of me aaaaaand some backlogs I awe to the online community.
THANK GOD! THANK YOU ALL! I’m so excited!

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