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Something has caught my attention as far as I could remember way back and it was CRISP ON 28TH. I had been curious of this place when I first heard it on social media and I’ve been eyeing it since then.

The name “Crisp” simply implies for something fresh, new, delicious, and unique kind of dishes. “On 28th” speaks for its location as it was situated along the 28th street ground floor of Alveo building. If ever you’re too overwhelmed with restaurants when in BGC, and want a healthy and unique breakfast, lunch or dinner Crisp on 28th was the place to go.

Their menu offering is extensive from the all-day breakfast, appetizers, sandwiches,  frappes, fresh fruit shakes, freshly baked cakes, and main dishes which are mostly composed of a unique filipino-asian fusions collaborated carefully with owners and their chef. Most of their dishes are good for sharing so better bring someone with you everyone withyou. French-inspired dining place that you could stay in with your loved ones or stay out in the al fresco area and chill with friends.

In our visit we had tried their new menu offerings for the celebration of their 2nd year anniversary. Also, it is one of Erwan Heussaff’s business venture along along with his other friends.

Here are the dishes that we tried:

Surprisingly out of the league of the usual nachos I’ve tried. The adobo flakes makes a whole lotta difference.

Something light and crisp. What made it asian? It’s because of the components of sesame dressing, asian pear, and fried vermicelli noodles.

Sour game strong got ’em from the green mangoes with its crispness I always look for in filipino green mangoes and sweet salty bagoong amped up with chicharon. Very pinoy!

A nice palete cleanser was this MANGO ACAI SHAKE, healthy and fresh!


Ooooooh! Pad thai my dear how I missed the taste of you. I think the version of their pad thai in pancit made it more subtle and suitable for the pinoy palete but make sure to put the spicy sauce with bagoong I guess that comes with for more spice because I love my pad thai on the verge of spicy and sweet.

I think I develop a love for kaldereta more with this dish because I love pasta as much as I love beef and potatoes and carrots in a rich tomato sauce. What more can I ask for? This will be my stable order in this restaurant from now on.


A specialty Japanese ramen joined with Manila’s street foods in a cozy bowl. There’s grilled liempo, chicharong bulaklak and could you spot your favorite kwek-kwek?


Ginger Tamarind Beef Brisket in a spiced sour broth with langka relish. I love the comfort of the soury broth it has. A co-blogger told me that kansi was like a Sinigang of Ilocanos, then here at Crisp on 28th they combined with another Ilocano dish which was Inasal.

A nice succulent salmon on a bed of the humble monggo and red rice srir fry. A nice meal to make yourself not sorry for being healthy. I’ll choose this anyday except when the kaldereta bolognese lured me. Haha. Palusot pa. Pa-healthy!

When salted egg and ham collide in a crisp buttery sandwich and drizzled with condensed milk, oh my, they take this seriously and tranformed your good old fruit salad condensed milk into a whole new level. It compliments the saltiness of the salted egg well. If you’re too curious go and try it!

It’s a household favorite but this time it comes with flaked crab meat and aligue that makes it more pinoy and more flavourful eat it with spiced miso vinegar and order some rice because you need to. Trust me.

And it is not complete without having some of their yummy cakes.

RAINBOW CAKE was too cute to let it pass and I made it a point to taste every layer hahaha I was curious like that.

And there’s this BANANA SQUASH CAKE was somewhat new and yummy having its cream cheese frosting and some candied walnuts.



And a nice compliment to bring with us was this Lemony Cupcake which was light and no too sweet for my liking.


Ground Floor, Alveo Corporate Center, 28th Street Near 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact no.: 0917 584 6883

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