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Definitely, “Healthy just got Delicious”. Just in time for lent season, whom for some made it a point to abstain into being a carnivore and transformed instantly into being Veggie-holics aka vegetarians.

Finding out that there is a place where vegetarians or vegans or just everyone who wants to amp up their healthy lifestyle needs was really a gem. Adding to that, people’s notion about being a vegetarian just includes boringness and blandness well that probably was a big NO-NO with what AGICO VEGETARIAN CAFE’s menu.

Who doesn’t want an awesomely delicious AND healthy meal? No one. So let’s go ahead and read more about what AGICO offers.

AGICO offers more that 80 Vegetarian dishes to choose from. Yep, that’s a lot and that also was a wonder. Maybe you are now psyching that this post is all about green leafy veggies and that you are so wrong. The food that they offer were mostly all of our staple favorites. Burgers, pastas, makis, dimsum, ramen, etc. Now you’re wondering how come? Well, I second the motion.

Btw, I was privilaged to meet the owner and she told us that they’ve gone through a lot of hard work and experiments to come up with a high quality of food and processing it to be eatable. Being a vegitarian herself and her family too they came with the idea of putting up something that they could share their love for vegetarian food.

She was also so excited for us to try what they served and let the food bring us to a whole new level of vegetarian goodness. So let’s see what are these innovative dishes that they are serving.

We had GYOZA (P158) and their own made gyoza sauce. It something to look forward to because it’s right on the taste of a not vegetarian one.

BUTAYAKI MAKI (P258) at first glance it had some slice of pork or bacon around it, but no, it’s not what you think it is. It is their own recipe of a meat substitute which of course doesn’t include meat, but tastes like meatloaf of of some sort. This was a winner, I love it!

BUTAYAKI MAKI (P258) at first glance it had some slice of pork or bacon around it, but no, it’s not what you think it is. It is their own recipe of a meat substitute which of course doesn’t include meat, but tastes like meatloaf of of some sort. This was a winner, I love it!

TOFU STEAK (P230) may be more yummier if we ate it the moment that it was served. And I think it could use more sauce on it or on the side because I was feeling it a tad bit dry nevertheless, the taste of the veggies on top and the freshness of the tofu is felt.

OKONOMIYAKI (P280) a healthier version of my bacon topped okonomiyaki. This time it has the Japanese seaweed called Wakame. I also love the flavors that doesn’t made me crave for bacon that usually comes with it.

BACON MUSHROOM BURGER (P288) Yes, you heard that right! Follow up question is how come? How come that a vegetarian cafe offers burger with the capital B in it? Yup, like the formulated meat substitute the Butayaki Maki has this burger also had wonderful layers of meat-like textures and tastes. Would you just look at those layers? Oh yum! Burger goodness without the guilt!

BAKED LASAGNA (P268) speaking of textures and layers, this pasta dish got it covered but wait it is again without any meat btw. The sauce as the owners said was homemade. As I take a bite, I tried to extract in my tounge what’s in it that makes me wonder what is that ground meat texture I’m feeling but of course it’s their secret. So I’ll just do the eating because it’s yummy taste like what your mom cooks, although maybe more cheese would help this dish to become on my fave list.

TAPA RICE (P255) Their version of tapsilog tops my list! It looks so deceiving as it tastes and feels really like the real thing. Look at the strands of the meat in the zoomed picture above. The owners won’t devulge us if it is a kind of mushroom or artificial meat substitute. I’m guessing it’s a special kind of mushroom, well maybe. Also, the owner told us that it’s one of their bestseller and celebrities’ favorite.

These are the drinks for the night are the Raw Juices namely (from left-right); LEMON GRASS (P120), CUCUMBER APPLE (P168), and GOJI BERRY (P168) those are all refreshing, delicious, and good for the body.

SESAME BUCHI (P90) to end our guilt-free awesome night!

Maybe you are wondering why they offer a lot of Japanese dishes it is because they opened really as a vegetarian-japanese cafe first before they expand their menu, now they had 80 innovated vegetarian dishes that comprises their menu such as, ramens, pastas, pies, pizza, burgers, salad (of course), rice bowls, raw juices, and smoothies.

For a non-vegetarian like me I would say that I didn’t really felt that what I was eating was vegetarian instead it tasted like the normal food sometimes more yummier and add to it the fact that it was healthier. I would really recommend this place to every vegetarian, or vegan (btw they could request it) or someone who wants to be more healthy, I would also bring my mom and dad here, and for everyone who wants something healthy but doesn’t require you to a tastless meal because it doesn’t eliminate the deliciousness of each dish–REALLY! (All caps for emphasis) You gotta try it for yourself.

#8 Missouri St., NE Greenhills, San Juan
#83 Araullo St., San Juan
Contact nos.: 705-1997; 216-9104; 754-9159; 212-2121

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