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 And I’m back again here at Nail it! South Park, Alabang. This time I had decided to try their Gel polish manicure.

And yes, I have good news for everyone!!!

They are offering a 20% off for their Gel polishes until April 15, 2017. 

Their Gel Polish is priced at P700 for hands and P750 for feet. So just do the math for the discount. It will only be P560 for the hands and P600 for feet.

Isn’t it so affordable??? But wait there’s more, they also offer 10% off with their single services. So if you want to book an appointment or ask more about their promo call or text their no. 09063519753.

I want to go back as soon as possible again before the discount’s deadline. So guys, I suggest go ahead now at Nail it! South Park Alabang 😉

The process was such a bliss, very nice for my afternoon relaxation  aka. Me time!

 I like it when they ask me first if I am allergic to something like any lotion or polish before they start the session.

This includes spraying my nail with cleansing water, then soaking it in a warm and slightly soapy water what a relaxing time is this.

After that they go with the usual cleaning and cutting for the nails along with buffering and some massage.

Then on with applying the base coat for the Gel polish and in between application they put my hands on the led light something to make the process dry up fast. Then now on to mychosen color of gel polish called Country Club Khaki. It has a nude shade of polish which is also good for those working girls out there. 🙂

After how many coats of polish and led light exposure in between I saw that the color I chose was so night very minimal and very nice just right for having business meetings and events upcoming.

When everything else was done, they put on a moisturizing oil or serum around my cuticles. I asked what is it for, and I was told that it is for making the cuticle not to dry up fast and minimize the thinning of the skin in that area. Shout out to the nail specialist who did mine she made me learn a thing or two after this day.

Insider tip from the nail specialist: If your nails look a a little shady or blurry just wipe it in any cottony this like your shirt or hanky. And it will make your nails shiny AGAIN. 😉 Try it!

These are their available Gel polishes colors, I want to try the gold one, the pinkish, and the mint colored –next time!

Then the Orlys in the house!

The essies which I also like the color shades they have. And of course the Zoya.

They also have OPIs on different and glitzy shades.

 My clean and very dalaga hands and the gel manicure I used.

Very nice right? So go ahead and get yours nails some treatment it will love 😉

Want to know more about their regular Manicure and Pedicure services? Read my previous post here.

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