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Yes it’s a weekend! What do you wanna do? Drive to South and stop by Alabang Town Center to try out a quality and fun dinning experience at SOBAN K-TOWN GRILL.

I am really in the mood for some meat grilling action tonight. It was a busy scene for Soban because diners were full pack and there were also line outside when I came. So because we have a sposored reservation no need to wait for my tummy!

I was introduced with the owners and found them so accomodating and very friendly. They ask me questions while we were waiting for the food and other bloggers to arrive. I felt comfortable talking to them about life and whatabouts.

And then the food arrived one by one, but we started of with a drink of choice. I chose the Green Iced Tea (P65/110 bottomless) which was refreshing in between munching on the meats.

Korean night it is, yet they not only offer that but also some other food choices with a korean twist like their Kimchi Fries (P199) do note that it is adviseable that you mixed this before eating so that you would taste the feeling (no pun intended).


 We were then served with the Premium BBQ Combo Set (P2,200) which is good for 3-4 persons.


The set includes:


180g of USDA Premium Marinated Beef



180g of Pork Belly with your choice of 2 flavors
(top: garlic and bottom: plain)



180g of Fried Boneless Chicken Dak Ganjeong (P330 ala carte price) although there was 2pcs but the other one has gone fast. The chicken skin was the one I’m so excited about because it is so cunchy I enjoy it!



A serving of Japchae (P280 ala carte price)



A serving of Haemul Pajeon (P350 ala carte price) which was a Korean pancake which I didn’t expect it to be good and just right to be paired with the meats.



An Egg Caserole



And Gimbap (P85/6pcs)




 It comes with 4 unlimited kimchi rice, soup, and side dishes.
We were also served with these Ala carte delish dishes which makes our dinning much more awesome.



This was my favorite among the batches of meats served. It was a 180g Fresh USDA melt-in-the-mouth Beef Belly (P400)



Beef Ramyeon (P280) which I could eat all by my self! Don’t wanna live all by my self.. Oops I hadn’t see that coming as I was too busy slurrrrping on this pot of spicy and yummy thang!



On the picture above was the side dishes, Kimchi which according to the owners that it was homemade. It gives a good impression on me because I am not a Kimchi kind of person btw. Also, there’s the pajeon, the crispiest boneless chicken, Gimbap and you could also see the meats on the grill.



While we made our belly so full for tonights spread of hot Korean dishes, we had to give our tastebuds something to cool down with. And their homemade Ice Cream Trio (P135) was a great way for cooling down.



Of course another dessert to end the night was these house special featuring layers of soft graham, red bean, homemade coffee ice cream atop with a leaf of chocolate. Never thought that coffee and red bean would jive well together, so I present this in your highness, Coffee Prince (P120).




And while we indulge in the overwhelming dishes on our table we got the night away with some cocktails for some punch.


Galaxy (P120/400) a frozen slushie cocktail which I enjoyed that I didn’t realize I’m getting red already. I’m not into alcohols that’s why. Another was a more citrusy and minty mojito korean version  which is a good choice for a refreshment, Seouljito (P120/400).



Indeed it was a great korean night, and it was extra delightful meeting and having a great chitchat with the owners. It was nice meeting you all.


Ground Floor, ATC Corporate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Contact nos.: (02)2469069



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