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A cold and slightly rainy evening feeling blue. I went straight to a newly opened place called AFTER ALL. A cool ambiance and with the live band, it will ease your blues away. It’s not a party place but a place to dine and chillax and AFTER ALL enjoy listening to the music as well as your friends’ company.


What I’m surprised about was that the name of the resto I thought it was a dessert place, I don’t know, but it somehow gave me that feeling oh well it’s just me. However I was inform by the owners that AFTER ALL was founded by a group of friends who felt that fun and business can go together where there is good food, music and laughter, thus resulted with this.

Anyhooo, the night won’t be set without the presence of good food remember, #jackieats hahaha. They’ve got a whole lot of dishes from pork, chicken, beef, seafood, veggies and of course their house-mixed beverages.

So what greeted me first, of course, nonetheless the apple of my eye for this night was.. *drum roll drum roll*

Deep Fried CRISPY PATA (P700) All caps for emphasis.

Puto-Batok goodness as what we, Pinoys, would call. It was the star of the night with 2 servings of it. Could you imagine how happy I am with its crackling skin and tender off-the-bone meat! Yuuuuuuuum! And oh, don’t forget dipping it in the sauce.

Along with it were the Tapas.

This spicy Romanian Deviled Squid (P180) was a good starter.

As well as the Bellissimo Buffalo Wings (P180)  which was crispy and flavored.

Crispy Shrimps (P250) making everyone digging in.

If you want garlicky and savoury the Seafoood Tapanyaki (P390) was part of the A La Carte menu for you to have.

Another Pinoy fave was the Crunchy Chicharones Pork Sisig (P280) good to partner with the house-mixed cocktails.

They also offer ‘The Blue Jazz Plate Specials’ as they call their set meals. Priced at P160 which is available daily from 10am till 6pm. It includes Soup of the Day, your choice of viand, Thai Jasmine Rice & Iced Tea. We were served with Thai Yellow Curry Chicken along with the set meal.

Bloggers on duty for the night. Everyone was busy shooting, eating and enjoying the live band. Shout out to Aldous and the gang.

After eating what I believed was a big feast it is time to mingle and crinkle toast those Craft cocktails. One of my favorites were Bananacolada (P170) which I can’t stop drinking taste just like banana smoothie (but with rum) thus my fellow blogger told me to keep calm on this kind of drink is too deceiving for the tastebuds I don’t feel or taste the alcohol in it. I would defo recommend it for those like me whose not into hard alcohol drinks.

Fireball Coffee (P250) Coffee shake infused withwhiskey, was another fave I don’t know but I like smoothies and shakes when it comes to cocktails because it diminish the hot feeling it gives my throat.

I believed this is Calamancello (P150) although I’m seeing in there, anyway. It is calamansi juice mixed with gin.

Calibre (P150) with rum, a bit strong for my pabebe taste. But I enjoy the looks of it haha.

So I thought the latter was the strongest but this my friends was the strangest taste of all. It’s Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (P170) infused with vodka.

And them there’s After Sunset (P170) citrusy mixed with tequila. Also a great tasting one without being pabebe was the Lychee Mojito (P170) with rum. This is by far the most recommended drink I guess.

Lastly, the Buko Melon Freeze (P150) combined with gym was just light and yummy i like scooping this though.

Parade of coolers.. But take note, Be responsible, DRINK VERY MODERATE!

Like this, keep calm, take a responsible sip and eat good food.


GF, Jazz Residences Nicanor Garcia cor. Jupiter St., Makati City

Contact no.: (02)8163652


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