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July 29, 2017 was a celebration of City Garden Hotel’s Re-launching of its ENCIMA Roofdeck Restaurant which features bottomless everything. I know, I know you’re quite excited as I am so without further ado, I present to you what this night is all about!

I find the place very entertaining while overseeing Makati’s skyline. Along with Mexican hats, there was a nice table setting where they put a square container at the center of the table which at first we had no idea. And poof! Just like Coco crunch, it revealed that it’s for the in can drinks, beers, placed there with buckets of ice to let it cool enough. It was also a great idea where in, as a guest, it was quite an effort to get up, ask the bartender for your drink or waive at an attendant to place an order, but instead they put it strategically for a continuous nice experience of just picking up your drink and opening it while your busy chit chatting with your collegues. Nice right?

This is definitely a good place to spend the night with your collegues, friends, or loved one.

And as the sun sets, the event was finally opened with an amazing live cooking demonstration of Chef Dennis Peralta of Encima Roofdeck Restaurant.

Of course, everyone was mesmerized with the dishes he prepared for everyone. TEX-MEX cuisine it is!

Started with the appetizer of Tex-Mex Salad

which was presented simply but in an innovative way of putting all ingredients in a glass turn it upside down to a plate and another surprise came!

Next was the tallest star of the show, Chili Pork Ribs, dry rubbed pork ribs served in chipotle barbecue sauce, served with smoky corn and avocado salsa. So tender ribs, I super like!

And while serving this they chant *Chicken Chimichanga! Chicken Chimichanga!* over and over until all the tables had been served. It was a burrito wherein they deep fried it.

Then, Chef Dennis prepared Huevos Rancheros, which he fried 2 tortilla bread and eggs with tomato chili salsa with a side of avocado slices.

Lastly, the Shrimp Fajitas was served in a sizzling plate with your freedom to choose if you want it that way or rolled up like a burrito. Anyhow, I would eat it whatever.

Those were the dishes that Chef Dennis demonstrate to us how he did it.

But that’s not all there are plenty more Tex-Mex dishes that were included in the buffet. Yes, that up there is the menu of Unlimited Mexican Goodness don’t forget bottomless Sangrias and Margaritas!

Watermelon Ricotta Y Jicama

Taco Chips

Chili con Carne

Mexican Fried Rice

Chicken Quesadillas


Pineapple Adobo Chipotle Wings

 Finally, dessert! I don’t know that I’d like this loop thingy called Churros, because I don’t like cinnamon but since I am too tempted (who won’t be? Look at that!) I drag myself into a piece and tried it with mango sauce. And who knows I got 3 more plates and tried it with other sauces but I think I like it most with the Mango, sweet and a lil bit of tartness was perfect for these freshly cooked and crispy Churros. My fellow bloggers loved it as well.

This of course wouldn’t be possible without their sponsor, so many thanks to Smirnoff Mule. I got a bottle as a giveaway hahaha, I don’t drink but its was placed for display nonetheless.

After all the food I get some dibs on their long list of cocktails as well as their own craft cocktails with Mezcal.

Strawberry Basil Orale

Schrodinger’s Cat

Frozen Mezcal Palomas

But wait, they don’t only serve alcoholic drinks but they also have fruity shakes. So I requested a non-alcoholic drink as well Watermelon Shake.

The weather seemed to be tamed just in time for the program’s openning thus, it was indeed a very successful event and an amazing night!

Congratulations for the team of City Garden Hotel’s Encima Roofdeck Restaurant especailly to Ms. Rinna of F&B! More projects soon! 

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant, City Garden Hotel

SP/f City Garden Hotel Makati, 7870 Durban st cor. Makati venue St. Makati City

STORE PHONE NUMBER/S: (02) 8353554

MOBILE NUMBER: 0917-5020501

STORE HOURS:   Monday to Sunday  4PM to 12MN     LAST CALL  11:30PM

Happy Hour: Monday to Sunday 4pm to 7pm


Table booking recommended from Monday to Sunday, 4pm to 12mn

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