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My love for events and photography took me to something more than what I expect when I replied to an email sent from the BED (Branding, Environment and Design) Department of Task Us PH and passed the interview. Thus, led me to becoming a ‘Shutterbug‘. Shutterbugs are those people currently employed at Task Us PH (in any sites) whom are willing to work extracurricularly with the BED Team when there’s an event or activity that needs extra hand/s.

 The first event that I actually am excited to join as a shutterbug was when I read in my inbox, “PAMPANGA FOOD CRAWL” yes all caps. I thought I was invited to join this event because aside from being a food blogger, (not to mention food lover because #foodislife) I would be working with them in taking food shots. Later did I know that I will also be filmed.

Outside the building of where House Teamwork was, really nice!

Unexpectedly, when we arrived in Pampanga the next thing happened was, I, learning that I’ll also be talking part of delivering a great news to Kapampangans and the whole Task Us community!

That House Teamwork has finally landed a better space for their growing family in GLCC, Clark – occupying 7th and 8th floor already!

 As we entered the newly built building we head straight the 8th floor where the production area was. The place greated me like I was hearing Ariel sing “a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view…” because it really is inspiring! The carpet and ceiling was so colorful and lively. Sayang, taking photos were restricted. The view outside was refreshing, it’s something you’d like to see in a day full of dillemas or stress from irate callers/customers because you see life outside the work place. I hope we could have that view from inside the production floor in Lizzy’s Nook, if we have that view or some windows maybe minus the very bright lights, I would be more delighted to sit and work on the production floor the whoooole shift. Chairs, tables, and PCs was also inspiring to use because it’s neat and new. But waitttt! Of course, there’s a lot more!! If the view inside was pretty, wait till you get out to the 2nd floor at the veranda-bridge-like walkway connecting the two building (you could spot it in the photo above as our backgroud). Awesome accent to the place where you can relax, breathe in, breath out when taking your breaks. It’s as nice as you could take your OOTD’s for that IG-worthy post. Millenials, calling! As you go down the grounds to outside area, you would see the building itself along with the carefully curated landscape and a mini park was there waiting for you to explore. Again, ig worthy!

Our background here was the Production floor that I’m talking about. *shot from Task Us video*

Co-hosting with me are Glenn from Chateau Ridiculous in Anonas, and Kyle from House Teamwork in Pampanga, who’ll be showing us what Pampanga was known for –FOOD! 

 Since Pampanga was known for their delectable dishes. It was nice to know more of what this food park has to offer and how they plan to let the Kapampangans try something beyond the normal Pampanga cuisine.

So we decided to check out the first (ahuh!) food park that was built in Pampanga, Moderno Food Park. I think they stands to its name “Moderno”, where they bring something modern to the Kapampangan palates.

#Triviatime!! Did you know that it was a badminton court turned into a food park? Well, now you know! Hahahaha

 And you may ask what am I talking about?? Let’s go eat our way to what Moderno Food Park has!

Mangan Tana!” as Kapampangan’s would shout.

What we have on our (literally) looong table were..

Coco Chops (P60) flavoured pops from Coco’s Chicken Shack (Korean Chicken) 


Benjamin’s Biggest Taco (P130) I’ve ever encounter!

Tazza’ Best-seller Oreo Frappe (P140)


 Bianca Pizza (P350) from Fiammata was Kyle’s favorite. Very photogenic enough like something you will find in a classic fine dining resto but Moderno Food Park has it instead!

Hanami’s Beef Teriyaki (P120), a sweet and savory goodness!

From Simply Viet Kitchen and Asian Fusion they have Crispy Oriental Chicken Salad (P150), Banh Mi Chicken (P120) and the Kaffir Lime Juice (P60). Healthy, light and fresh. We had all agreed that this was very Task Us!

With all things potato-ey and cheesy, which Glenn liked, Yellow St. got you covered from Potato Swirl (P129) to Potato Cheese Bomb (P85), and Coco Water (P45).

Gohan Takoyaki and Sushi Bar, Volcano Sushi (P199) and Takoyaki (P120) quality-wise and taste-wise, thumbs UP! As many of you dont know, I super love takoyaki and this one doesn’t fail, although, I failed eating it when I took a bite (see Task Us PH video for the live blooper haha). #EPIC


I got caught off guard by Urban Crunch’s Kare-Kareng Bagnet (P140) and Dinakdakan (P140), an Ilocano version of sisig. If you’re looking a good putok-batok treat which is what Kyle made me try (photo screeshot from video).

Fat Mama’s Buffalo Wings (P160/half dozen| P300/whole dozen) with oozing hotness this buffalo wings has brought Kyle shocked.

The Daily Detox Juices (P55) – In one with Task Us to raise encouragement for a healthy lifestyle! Hands up to health enthusiasts! With their healthy drinks your diet won’t hate you for filling up your tummy with all those yummy calories. And since healthy is the new in, they are giving refills for just P15 so really go healthy! Try Daily Detox for daily dose of something your body will thank you for! As Kyle imbibe Angelica Pangabniban in *insert movie title* ” Coome back to the youuung and beyutifoool you!”

Which made me laugh hard enough to grab a daily detox drink. #commercial

Seafood Platter (149/solo; 299/for 2; P549/for 3-4; P849/for 5-6) my no. 1 favorite!!!! When this was served, I instantly got back on my Seefood diet! The flavor of garlic and butter sauce is just sooo goood I want to just lick my hands afterwards. Shrimps, Mussels, and Crabs complimented with corn and garlic butter sauce was hand up perfect! Such a great value for money to take your family and friends!

 Other foods were Racks and Ribs’ Doubles Ribs (P280), Tokyo Tempura’s Crazy Tempura (P150), Meatfuel’s Traffic Sliders (P155), Sunny Side Up’s Tapsilog (P125) Baconsilog (P135) and Steak n’ Bake’s Grilled Pork (P148) made Glenn glee for its tenderness and flavour.

3 Reasons why Moderno Food Park was Recommendable:

 1. Each kiosks has a variety and uniqueness which doesn’t overlap instead it compliments each other’s food offering.

2. The quality of the food was commendable for the value of the dishes. 

3. The place was nicely ventilated and accessible for commuters. There were also air-conditioned function rooms that you could rent if you are in big groups or have some private event.

With all this, as a Task Us Lizzy’s Nook represent, all the way from Cavite, it was my honor as well as a great oppurtunity to have this experience, meeting other BED people from different sites and working alongside them.

*photo grabbed from Nadine

Challenging as it is for me that I will also co-host this event, eventhough I’m not so much of a front-of-the-cam person but rather a behind-the-scene one. However, it turned out to be fun when you get to work with great people who give suggestions or advices when you are having a hard time rehearsing your line and stuttering when the camera rolls. It surprisingly went really well, mainly because of the rapport with my new-found fellow Task Us friends. 

Thank you so much TASK US PH and MODERNO FOOD PARK! Till next food trip 😉


Mac Arthur Highway, Telabastagan, San Fernando, Pampanga

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday–Friday: 4:00 pm-Midnight Saturday: 11:00 am–Midnight

Sunday: 11:00 am–10:00pm Monday: Closed

Phone: (045) 458-4005

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