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Whatever time it is, I always can’t say no to wings. So I guess it is not so impulsive of me to say yes to #TeamAldouson4 blog event 4th year anniversary!! Wooohooo!

Also, another way to reward myself on a Saturday night after my long hours of work, is to eat chicken wings and participate on a quiz night!

You headt it right! Wings with lots of flavours to choose from! I wanna try everything but of course I couldn’t in one sitting. So, absolutely there will be a next time and a next time and yes, a next time. Countless next times.

While waiting for the quiz night to start, we gotta try the Garlic Parmesan Curly Twist Fries (P175) and Homemade Onion Rings (P150) which makes everyone even more eager to the mains because those were both cool starter. Drinks like Blue Lemonade and Iced Tea were also served after asking our preference.

When everyone was settled we started the Quiz Night, which the owner of the Wingman himself hosted it. And FYI they are continuously running quiz nights every Thursdays, so you know where to go!

This quiz night was in favor of those trivia/movie enthusiasts there’s one current event question but because I don’t have time to watch television anymore I don’t really have any idea. Me and my theme was the best of the underdogs, but still we tried. It was fun anyway.

And finally, I see those glimmering wings heading straight to where we were seated. Btw, You may choose if you’ll have 1/2 Dozen Wings (P235) or a Dozen Wings (P395). I do suggest the dozen because it will be too bitin. Or 2 half dozens with different flavours for variety. Because you just can’t really have one.

With that, flavours we tried were…

The Classic Buffalo flavor that started it all. And it was my favorite among all the flavors that were served still old school but legit.

 Then I saw fire, oh it’s flaming! I was a bit late on capturing the fire because it was too fast that it already disappeared just seconds when it reached the table. This flavour was literally hot it’s on fire! Hence the name, Hellfire. They purposedly served it with a scoop of ice cream in case of mouth emergency. Haha. For me, it was tolerable, you could try it out for yourself if you’re a spicy lover.

There was also the Honey Garlic a contrasts of flavour that was chasing each other inside my mouth. Also a good one to try out!

Also , another addicting flavour was Garlic Parmesan, what I like about this is that it doesn’t scrimp on the parmesan but it doesn’t overpower the flavor of garlic.

And another one of their classic was the Praire Fire, it’s spice level can vary on your choice. There’s medium, hot, apocalyptic and inferno. Choose inferno if you dare *wink*.

For all their wings, I love that it was freshly off the fryer crispy and flavours they served were on point!

For the 3rd part of Team Aldous’ 4th year celebration was the Beer Pong Tournament. I really don’t known that it will bring the comoetitive spirit within us. Unfortunately, I am playing alone since my partner was absent. Since I also don’t like beer because it trigger my acidity. So when the oponents scores I ask Aldous (the team captain) to have my drink. Hehe!

Also, the beer pong was along the Bar area of Wingman as you can see. They have great selections of alcohol drinks.

Finally, when we were finished throwing balls on that beer cups, we were served with Brownie A La Mode (P150) dessert to cap off the activity-packed night, while catching up with fellow bloggers.

 As lovely as these desserts, was my fellow bloggers which has become friends along the way while sharing stories and this Deep-fried Sneakers (P150). Just the right dessert to say cheers to this party!
 Featured image was Team Aldous with Wingman owner.
The Collective, Malugay, Makati

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