January 12, 2018 Jackie Montoya 0Comment

Spotted some cheap food find at Singapore’s luxurious Changi airport.

When there’s a flock of people lining up, it’s either cheap or delicious or both, hence the food we dugged up at this grand airport!

 It includes a cup of Kopi (as said in the receipt), hot and crispy Kaya Toasts with Butter & 2 Soft Boiled Eggs, for 5SGD ONLY from Wang Cafe in Terminal 2, Departure area. It’s not cheap with conversion to peso, but it’s cheap enough compared to other food stalls.


 As you can see, it has a generous amount of kaya spread equaled with butter in between slices. Take not it was OOOOOOZING. Ahuh!

The eggs taste much better with soy sauce, then mix it up. What we did was, we dipped the toasts into the egg mix with soy sauce, and pooooof, it was heavenly! Yaaaaas! Then slurp up that hot brewed kopi and whispered a short prayer as I realize how great this combination was. My dad was the one who bought it and I’m glad he did, because it was my first time to try this goodness gracious meal from. I bet I got my skills on cheap thrills (rhyyyming) from my Dad!

PS. I’ve read about this and found out that it was a Singaporean/Malaysian breakfast and by that I could live in either of these countries. 😉

Besides that, we also got some Noodle Dumplings with extra soup for 6.80SGD from Hong Kong Sheng Kee alsoin Terminal 2. Along with the delightment from the service I got with the staff. They are senior citizens already but they are happily working and serving people and with that only, the food we got was so worth it!

 Dessert was just in time with these variety of cut fruits we just came across. As cheap as .90SGD to 2.50SGD we’re already fueled to start our half day Sentosa – Gardens by the Bay – Chinatown trip.

If you’d like to read regarding our trip with food trip then let me know asap, So that I could post it soon.


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