December 12, 2020 Jackie Montoya 0Comment

After 2 years and more, I’m finally, finally, got the guts again to click these buttons and press these keys giving you an update about life here, in the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan.

Yes, actually I almost forget how my life back in the Philippines was. If you would ask me a year ago, I really, actually, honestly would wish that I (never) hadn’t decided to listen to my parents’ family friend, and instead pursue that strong and independent self of mine rather than being an obedient child.

I wanted to go back to my comfort zone. If you could imagine yourself relaxing in a room full of all the great things in life, enjoying it, and all of a sudden a great tornado picked you up from your comfort place and dumps you in, oh I don’t wanna get started describing the place where I first stayed here in Japan. I’ll just say it’s a Cinderella story turned backward. Just like that! *insert music*

The day I stepped into the airport of Narita, the 29th of September 2018, was the day that I became anxious. Got my first mishap when I lost my boyfriend’s jacket (which was the only jacket I brought even though it will soon be winter, yey me!) at the airport thankfully the Japanese staff at the Information were friendly, helpful and most especially they can speak English, after lots of charades and phonecalls we went to a secret employee-only backdoor to get my jacket, luckily was returned.

Fast forward to 2020, where I couldn’t be happier when I finally graduated from the school of disaster hahaha. But then, COVID-19 came to the world. A whole new world happen. I got stuck in Japan indefinitely. All the sadness crept in once again.

On a positive note, a blessing from heaven came, a good samaritan came into my life, and give help, the biggest blessing I received. I felt the Lord’s guidance through it all.

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