Out-boxing myself in the Blogging world. Events Coordinator by passion, Self-confessed Gastro-venturer, DIY hobbyist, Aspiring Chef, a Nifty-Thrifty Traveler and an Imaginative Reader. Live with Faith. Love with Faith.


This blog aims to aid help and information for those who want to try a resto, check out a place, DIY thingy or random things that may have been written here. Also, if you’re a stalker feel free just be low key.

To know me better, the author of this blog (obviously), here are some random facts about me, myself and this blog:

This blog is on it’s 6th year, not anymore a newbie in the blogging world, but I still consider myself since I still have a lot to learn.

Though, I had created a blog before when I was in college, but where I started the whole blogging thing was in blogspot, and yes, it is still operational (and free) so I’ll just let it be.

It was founded at the time when I already quit my job as an Account Executive in an events company and started to help with our just-started family business.

I am a youth leader at our church and a Marketing and Advertising major.

May 13 is my day, never mind the year I also stopped counting after 20. Haha

I am born and raised in the Philippines but currently living in Japan.

I am enjoying blogging and wishes for it to be successful..or wish for it to gave birth to it’s sister, vlog.

I love events as much as cooking, baking, travelling and blogging. Sometimes I do freelance work like debuts, wedding, concert, and others.

Actually stopped selling some of my sweet goodies but for those who want to know more about what I bake and other queries email me. Not accepting orders for the mean time.

I think I’m an ant from within because I always make it a point to have stock foods at home in the event that my moody tastebuds activate so whenever I crave I could have one, or make one and, eat one or two.

I love to DIY mostly everything. From cutting and dye-ing my hair to the food that I invent at home, down to the clothes I wear, inspired by Marisa Lynch check her site here and so on.

I have an endless fascination for food and neat guys with glasses. IDK Y.

The first country I would love to visit outside of Asia was Greece! Oh, if I could just fly.

Potato is my comfort food –fried, baked, salad, every cooking method known to man.

I am currently sleepy.. and if you want to know more, inquire, suggest, or just let me know you dropped by, you got my email just around here or my social media accounts. So yeah! Sweet dreams jackietellers and see yah around!

Join me as I share my adventures, experiences, advice, pleasures, rants, and gastronomical escapades I may feature.
Thanks a lot to you, yes you who is currently reading this for taking the time and continue on supporting me!
More blessings and do keep safe!