Out-boxing myself as a newbie in the Blogging world. Events Coordinator by passion, Self-confessed Gastro-venturer, DIY hobbyist, Aspiring Chef, a Nifty-Thrifty Traveler and an Imaginative Reader. Live with Faith. Love with Faith.


This blog aims to aid help and information for those who want to try a resto, check out a place, DIY thingy or random things that may have been written here. Also, if you’re a stalker feel free just be low key ;).

To know me better, the author of this blog (obviously), here are some random facts about me, myself and this blog:

This blog started almost 3 years ago, yes I’m a newbie in the blogging world.

But I have created a blog before when I was in college, but where I started the whole blogging thing was in blogspot, and yes, it is still operational.

It was founded at the time when I already quit my job as an Account Executive in an events company and started to help with our just-started family business.

I am a youth leader at our church, and a graduate of Business Administration majoring in Marketing and Advertising Management

May 13 is my day, never mind the year I also stopped counting after 20. Haha

I am enjoying blogging and wishes for it to be successful.

I love events as much as cooking, baking, travelling and blogging. Sometimes I do freelance work like debuts, wedding, concert, and others.

I do sell some of my sweet goodies for those who want to know more about what I bake and other queries (email me: jackiepmontoya@gmail.com)

I think I’m an ant from within because I always make it a point to have stock foods at home in the event that my moody tastebuds activate so whenever I crave I could have one, or make one.

I love to DIY mostly everything. From cutting and dye-ing my hair to the food that I invent at home, down to the clothes I wear (well not everything, I’m not a seamstress – yet).

I have endless fascination for food and neat guys with glasses. IDK Y.

The first country I would love to visit outside Asia was Greece! If I could just fly.

Potato is my comfort food –fried, baked, salad, every cooking method known to man.

I am currently sleepy.. and if you want to know more, you got my email above. So yeah! Sweet dreams jackietellers!

Join me as I share my adventures, experiences, advice, pleasures, rants and gastronomical escapades I may feature.
Thanks a lot to you, yes you who is currently reading this for taking the time and continue on supporting me! God Bless you more! 😉